Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone who listens to you and simply accepts you the way you are. Someone who helps you tune into yourself and remember what brings YOU joy and who YOU really are.

In my one-on-one coaching sessions, it’s all about you. All being 100% confidential, you are welcome to fully express yourself and experience: you are okay the way you are, there is always light in the dark, and life can be playful. You are allowed to feel everything, from shame, over joy, over guilt, over sexual arousal to peace and serenity. You are allowed to stand up for yourself and be fully YOU.

I will listen, not judge. That is my medicine for you. I will address you from a place within my heart to talk directly to yours.

Based on scientific knowledge and my experience and knowledge from Tantra and other holistic wisdom traditions, I may give you practical suggestions, but the emphasis is on you finding your own path, your own unique truth. Maybe your life will dramatically change. Or maybe you will realise that there was never a need to change anything and that things are pretty beautiful the way they are. Maybe you will get triggered and we can work through it together. I will invite you to surrender to whatever wants to or does not want to happen.

I am specialised in the topics of self-regulation/flow, self-love and sexuality, but you are welcome to come with any topic that is alive in you or with no specific topic at all.

The current price is 120 € for a 50-minute session and 180 € for 90 minutes for private clients. The first 50-minute session is 50% reduced in price (60 €), so that we can get an idea if it feels right to work together.

I am looking forward to talking with you online or in person. Contact me here with your availabilities to book your first session.

“I experienced an incredibly intensive time with a young woman full of openness, professional empathy and the ability to find the right, constructive and helpful words for me in the right moment. From my heart, I am grateful for this unexpected experience and wish that many others may experience this as well.” (Susanne)