Healthy Self-Love and Self-Compassion

What is self-love? Does self-love mean, for example, buying chocolate ice cream for yourself when you are sad? Or, quite to the opposite, does it mean not eating any chocolate ice cream so that you will stay healthy?

In my view, self-love means really tuning into yourself and finding out what feels right to YOU in each moment. One moment, self-love can mean eating ice cream, in another moment it can mean not eating ice cream. One day, it can mean going to a boxing class, another day it can mean laying on the coach doing nothing. Only you know. It certainly means, for me, being soft with yourself, no rigid, strict rules but self-forgiveness and self-compassion. It is okay what you do. It is okay what you do not do. You are okay the way you are.

Yes, self-love, in my view, means really accepting yourself the way your are, including your strengths and weakness. Even more than that, it means being able to lovingly look at yourself completely non-judgmentally, without even thinking about such things as strengths and weaknesses. Just seeing yourself as YOU, a beautiful being.

Mel Robbins suggests to learn a high-five attitude towards yourself and even suggests the high-five habit, which encompasses high-fiving yourself in the mirror!