Positive Sexuality

In our society, sexuality is often looked at with a negative bias. For example, adolescents are warned about the dangers of sexuality (e.g., sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy). Rather little is said about the potential positive aspects of sexual interactions, such as the fostering of love, or the enjoyment of touch and intimacy with another human being.

Positive sexuality stresses the positive aspects of this life domain and encourages a constructive discussion around issues such as consent, expression of needs, and intimacy in love relationships. It investigates the role of sexuality for well-being and how a harmonious type of sexuality can be fostered, for example in order to strengthen committed long-term relationships. It encourages self-acceptance when it comes to one’s own sexual preferences and expressions.

My collaegues and I are preparing to conduct research about positive sexuality including the development of a scientifically validated questionnaire to measure sexual fulfillment. Moreover, I am interested in how knowledge and methods from Tantra may contribute to the field of “positive sexuality”. In the West, Tantra is often associated exclusively with sexuality. However, I would like to emphasize that Tantra is actually a rich, holistic tradition from India which fosters self-development in all domains of life. For example, in the Sanskrit scripture Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, 112 meditation techniques for daily life are described, only very few of which relate to sexuality. It includes, for example, specific meditation techniques that can be carried out during eating, dancing, enjoying art or even sneezing (watch this interview for more information). More accurately, there is actually not one tradition of Tantra, but there are many strands. Interestingly, contrary to many other spiritual or religious traditions, Tantra does not typically recommend suppressing one’s sexuality. Rather, sexuality is seen as a natural, beautiful aspect of life which can help us grow and find true happiness.

Videos: the Science of Sex

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