Talks & Keynotes

My talks offer a blend of scientific rigor and inspirational insights, often infused with a spiritual perspective. Drawing upon solid scientific evidence and established theories, I build arguments that sometimes go beyond conventional explanations, leaving room for the mysteries of the human experience that may still elude scientific comprehension.

In addition to presenting evidence-based content, I strive to create a transformative experience for my audience by incorporating experiential elements, such as guided meditations and interactive connection exercises. This multisensory approach allows participants to engage with the material at a deeper level and facilitates a more meaningful and impactful learning experience.

Covering a diverse range of topics as outlined in the Topics section of this page, my talks are carefully crafted to provide valuable insights, practical tools, and new perspectives that resonate with my audience’s needs and interests. By combining scientific rigor with experiential elements, I aim to inspire, educate, and empower my clients/audience in their pursuit of personal growth and well-being.

The following titles are examples for keynote speeches you can book.

  • The Power of Authenticity: Science-Backed Strategies for Genuine Connections
  • Breaking Free from Willpower: Effortless Strategies for Sustainable Behavior Change
  • Achieving Success Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being: The Science of Harmonious Willpower
  • Unveiling the Overlooked: The Vital Role of Sexuality and Intimacy in Well-Being
  • Mastering the Art of Evidence-based Coaching: Insights from Neuroscience

In addition, I am happy to customize my keynote speeches based on your unique needs and audience. I look forward to discussing this with you on a call.

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